Q: Can I use Bleach to kill mold?

A: Beach is 3-6% sodium hypochlorite and 94% to 97% water. The sodium hypochlorite evaporates, leaving water behind to foster the growth of more mold. The Clorox® Company, OSHA, and the EPA all have determined that bleach should not be used in mold remediation. Bleach is ineffective and unsafe for cleaning or killing mold.

Q: What types of mold are “toxic” and what types of mold are “safe”? Are there “safe” mold levels?

A: All molds are allergens and can degrade indoor air quality. Thus, whether or not a mold has toxic properties is irrelevant for mold assessment and remediation.

Q: Why is mold a problem now?

: During the energy crisis in the 1970’s, a strong trend began to make buildings more energy efficient. This created buildings with little outside air exchange and more dependent on the air conditioner system.